Krasne. Junction Station of Displacement

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An international Polish-Ukrainian-German team of 12 young women will come to the small town of Krasne (Western Ukraine) to explore the history of post-war re-settlements and socio-national changes in Central-Eastern Europe in the context of women’s experience. We aim to uncover the memory of the present town inhabitants from a the perspective of women. Women were forgotten heroes, surviving the war and afterwards they created a new society through their everyday life and work. Their traumas (displacement, famine, rape) are still not expressed. The main method of the project is oral history. During 2 weeks the team will conduct open, group interviews with elder women, and record it on video. Do they remember former Polish, German and Jewish inhabitants and post-war deportations, displacements and escapes? How did the Ukrainians create the new life on this territory during the Soviet regime? The result of the project will be one hour educational film.

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Sponsored as part of the funding programme Geschichtswerkstatt Europa with grants from the foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future”

Partners of the project:

Fundacja Kobieca, Kraków


International School of Equal Opportunities, Kyiv


Jugendwerk der AWO Württemberg, Stuttgart


MONAliesA e.V., Leipzig

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